Pain Management and the Muscle-Organ Connection

muscle organ connection in pain management services
Tension or Kidney Imbalance?



Pain management and the muscle – organ connection.

At Massage and Restorative Therapies – we specialize in pain management and we know about this pain management relationship!  We are trained to know WHY your body hurts and through the pain management therapy utilized –   we help correct the imbalances in the energy flow that affect both the organs of the body AND their affected muscle group. This helps us to help YOU get to a long term resolution more quickly..WITHOUT the need for drugs.

Of course, most everyone knows that stress as well as our  jobs can put a lot of tension on the body – causing pain.  BUT many are not aware that when you have organ “issues” – there is a DIRECT connection with the muscles of the body.

In 1964,  Dr. George Goodheart Jr. DC, discovered and documented a strong correlation between organ problems and muscle pain and challenges.  In our practice, we have come to the same conclusion. After conducting over 8000 sessions, we feel that Dr. Goodheart was right-on!

Client after client has responded favorably to acupressure for releasing tension.  This acupressure is done on the acupuncture meridian that affects both the organ and the related muscle group. The results?  Pretty much instant pain relief.  Yes.  I said it.  INSTANT.  Why?  Because acupressure helps the energy flow better.  How fast does energy move?  INSTANTLY.

What does this mean?  It means empowerment to YOU the client who has a random pain in the back  (or anywhere) and doesn’t know WHY it showed up and how to get rid of it.  Yes. massage, chiropractic and acupuncture are GREAT treatment protocols for this…MUCH better than what is offered by most traditional medical doctors (drugs). BUT… you can do something about it yourself and help your health team help you get better faster and prevent recurrence.

Let’s give an example of what we are talking about.

Since Thanksgiving, just about 100% of our clients have come in with neck and shoulder issues.  Hmmm.  WHY would THAT be?

Ok. Perhaps its because Thanksgiving was a stressful holiday for them.  BUT we don’ t think that many people were THAT stressed.  Let’s look at the fact that our diets  change drastically during this time..possibly upsetting the stomach and intestines. OR, if you are an older person..the possibility that your digestive enzymes aren’t what they used to things aren’t working as good as they used to.

Let’s look at the stomach, small and large intestine meridians (from acupuncture charts), you will notice that they ALL run through the neck…AND Dr. Goodheart points out in his books that the stomach “governs” or influences most of the neck muscles!

Furthermore, when these meridians are stimulated through acupressure…the neck pain goes away!  Even without any massage!

You can work with these “meridians” yourself.  Just check out a tapping chart like you see here, or an acupuncture website like you see here.

The next time your neck (or any other area) hurts,  look up the meridian that runs near or through the area…find sore spots on these meridians…apply pressure, rub or tap and in seconds, you will probably feel a change in the muscle that is experiencing pain. Don’t chalk the pain up to getting older, or the “A” word (arthritis)!

Possibly change your diet, add probiotics and digestive enzymes and in a few weeks – I’m sure you’ll have a different neck! (less pain!)

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