Pulse Electro Magnetic Therapy

Good circulation is the key

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Blood circulation is the human body’s supply system. It supplies the tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen while removing and disposing of resulting waste products. 75% of this process takes place in the smallest blood vessels – the micro-circulation.

Scientifically proven

PEMF has been proven in many studies to help you heal rapidly, return to and maintain a youthful constitution.  One – two sessions per day will support the healing process and allow the body time to repair and achieve wellness.  Expect better sleep, mental acuity, energy, strength and stamina.


Book now to reserve your sessions and start feeling better today.  We offer in house sessions as well as unit rental.

 10, 20-Minute Sessions in 15 days:  $250
 20, 20-Minute Sessions in 30 days:  $475
 Single 8 Minute session :  $20
Unit Rental:   $100 refundable deposit upon return in good condition
$50 daily rate
$150 weekly rate
$500 monthly rate
 NOTE:  All massages include an 8 Minute session.