Massage Services – Promoting Use of Magnesium Oil

Massage Services Recommendations – Use Magnesium Oil!

In addition to the massage services I offer,  I also recommend followup care to  prevent soreness or help with ongoing pain management.  Most always, my  clients are given the recommendation to consider adding topical magnesium oil to their skin care regimen. Why?  Because it is one of the BEST ways to help with muscle pain, soreness, knots and tension.  It has been known to help with   restless leg syndrome, fibryomyalgia, sleep disorders, nausea, low blood pressure and weakness.  It is extremely important to muscle health and getting it into the body via the skin is one of THE best ways to do it.

Many of my clients report great benefits once they start to use magnesium oil.  From better sleep to more range of motion to significantly less pain – they really like how they feel AND they like the fact that they can simply spray the oil (not really oil, but a brine solution of magnesium) on their body and NOT take another pill!

One technique for effectively delivering magnesium oil to the body  is by using the dry skin brushing technique, where magnesium oil is brushed on the skin with a vegetable bristle brush. This technique helps to stimulate and cleanse the skin, while removing old skin cells, stimulating blood flow and inducing the lymphatic system. Magnesium oil is affordable and easy to find on the web and in health supply stores.

I try to keep it in stock, but find I run out very quickly! To find our more about our massage services or to make an appointment with Massage and Restorative Therapies, visit www.massagetherapistchesapeake,com or click  here.  For more information on magnesium oil – check out this link:  Magnesium Oil Article. There are TONS of articles on the web about this amazing mineral.  I use it almost every day and I hope my clients choose to do it as well.

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